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Enjoy Winters with the Warmth of Glen Room Heaters

Room heaters become essential during chilly winter days, especially at night. Wearing warm clothes is not enough because to bear cold winter days, you need something that can keep your room’s temperature comfortable.

There are different types of room heaters available in market, and the most common among them is oil filled radiator heaters. These type of heaters are more efficient in the even distribution of heat across the surface. Moreover, oil-filled room heaters use less power and save money on the electricity bill.

Oil-filled heaters use an electric current to heat the pre-filled thermal oil and circulate it around the fins. The presence of oil makes the oil-filled heater a less compact and heavy solution. They take longer time than a fan heater or a heat convector to warm up. Nevertheless, if you have kids or pets at home, you should go with an oil-filled heater over the other options.

How does an Oil Filled Radiator work?
An oil heater is one of the most popular types of room heaters that is used to distribute heat and warm the entire space. Also known as an oil filled room heater or oil filled radiator, the oil is electrically warmed, which helps the appliance spread heat through the room. An oil room heater is safe to use, and if you are using the Glen oil filled heater, then you will also be able to adjust the heat setting. The wave fins of the oil based room heater ensure that the room heats quickly and there is an even distribution of heat. If you are looking for a safe heating option this winter, then it the ideal home appliance for you.

Oil Heater Benefits:

There are several benefits of an oil room heater, some of which are as below:
1. Uniform heating in all directions:
OFRs emit heat evenly in all directions. So, you will never feel like it’s too hot or too cool in any particular portion of the room.
2. Saves electricity:
The thermostat in the heater cuts off the power once the desired temperature is achieved hence, turning it off. This ensures that electricity is saved.
3. Minimal maintenance:
Since these heaters are closed, their insides, very rarely, get spoiled as there is no exposure to the environment. You will never need to change the oil inside. Except for the occasional dusting, oil-filled heaters do not need much maintenance.
4. Silent Operation:
These heaters produce zero noise. This makes them an ideal purchase if you are looking for something you want to use throughout the night.

Glen Oil Filled Radiator Heaters
Glen OFRs does not lead to any oxygen depletion. Unlike other heaters which lead to reduction in the oxygen content on the room, OFRs does not do so. These provide warm sunlight feel without any oxygen depletion or suffocation.
Moreover, the skin does not feel dry, thereby reducing any chances of skin infections.
The pre-defined heat settings can be adjusted to suit any room size and temperature needs.
Glen OFR Models 7012, 7013, and 7015 are designed with a quick heating fan with a 400w PTC heating element.
The specially designed wave fins ensure that heat is evenly distributed through the room.
Castor wheels are provided at the bottom of the heater so it can be easily moved from one room to the other.
The safety feature and overheating protection (OHP) are designed to identify an overheating of the heating bar surface. The heater deactivates owing to the OHP to prevent any damage to the appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is an oil heater good for health?
Yes, it does not deplete the oxygen levels in the room. This prevents any suffocation that is otherwise experienced and also prevents the skin from feeling dry.
2. How efficient are oil filled radiators?
An oil-filled radiator uses less power and converts all the energy into heat that is evenly distributed throughout the room. It is one of the most efficient heating appliances.
3. Can I leave the oil heater on overnight?
Yes, oil heaters have a smart safety feature of shutting off as soon as they reach an optimum temperature. So, if you keep them on through the night, they will automatically shut off and switch on again when required.
4. How long do oil heaters stay hot?
Oil-filled room heaters will reach an optimal temperature and shut off to prevent overheating.
5. Which oil is used in an oil heater?
Glen oil heaters have environment protection oil.

Apart from the range of Oil Filled Radiator Heaters, Glen also has Fan, halogen & quartz heaters.
Fan heaters: These are compact heaters and can warm up the given surroundings in a short time. Equipped with ceramic coils, the fan heaters blow hot air and keeps the space hot for a longer duration. These heaters vary in size, shape, color, and features. Glen fan heaters come with two heat settings and adjustable thermostat temperature control.
Halogen heaters: They are designed to effectively heat any given surrounding at adjustable temperatures. Glen fan heaters have 3 heat settings & switches to control the swing.
Quartz heaters: These work on radiant technology and are suitable for heating small rooms. The heating filament is within a quartz tube that is heat resistant.

So, you may choose the best room heater depending upon your usage and requirement. In case if you want to know more about Glen room heaters then feel free to get in touch with us via social media platforms or dial our helpline 9717156666 to get assistance over call.

Glen Black Friday Sale is Live – Here’s what all you need to know

Black Friday, the biggest shopping carnival of the year is just around the corner. This year too, Glen has come up with the Black Friday sale. So, in case you are planning to get your hands on home & kitchen appliances, then this is the right time to avail the unbelievable discounts offered in the GLEN BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

Glen Black Friday sale starts: Black Friday happens on the day after Thanksgiving, so this year it will be on Friday, November 25. This year, Glen is launching the Black Friday Offer in advance, so the same will be started from 18th November and will last till 25th November. So, get ready with your wish list in advance and shop for the products as the sale gets live.

The best deals to look out for: So, whether you’re after a new kitchen chimney, cooktop, built in hobs, any small appliance or water/room heaters, you’ll be able to find Great Deals during this biggest sale event.

UPTO 60% off on Chimneys: Making your kitchen smoke and odor free has become cheaper in this Black Friday Sale because Glen is offering Up to 60% off* on the range of auto clean and easy clean chimneys. So you get the freedom to choose the chimney that suits your kitchen aesthetics and pocket too.

UPTO 55% off on Cooktops & Hobs: Glen presents the largest range of premium gas stoves with the option to choose from glass top, stainless steel, 2/3/4 burner configurations, and many more variations.

UPTO 50% off on Small Appliances: Avail great discounts on the range of small appliances including Mixer grinders, active blenders, air purifiers, Oven toaster grillers, egg boilers and more.

Flat 40% off on Water Heaters: Winters have already knocked the doors, in case if you are looking to upgrade your water heater than you can check out the range of storage water heaters & get flat 40% off on the range of water heaters available in 15L & 25L capacity.

Flat 45% off on Room Heaters: Choose from the oil filled radiators (available in 9/11/13 fins), quartz and fan heaters that are designed to keep you warm these winters. Avail flat 45% off on these room heaters from Glen.

The Glen Black Friday Sale is not a one-day deal! It will be live for 14 days starting from 18th November to 25th November. Plan ahead to bring your favorite Glen appliance home.

Avail the BFS benefits online & offline: Visit the nearest dealer and in case of online you may visit our website and choose the product of your choice. The offer will also be available on Amazon and Flipkart on selected Glen products.

To know more about the Glen Black Friday Offer, dial 9717156666 or write to You can also reach out to us via our social media platforms.

Introducing Glen Smart WIFI Enabled Water Heaters

Now plan and enjoy shower at required temperature anytime

Homes are becoming smart these days! And, who wouldn’t want a home powered by a Smart Water heater that makes your life a whole lot convenient.  

In case you are looking for replacing your old water heater or installing at your new home then have a look at the option of Smart Water heaters before taking the decision.

Introducing Glen Smart Water Heaters that are enabled with Wi-Fi so that you can control them from anywhere, anytime!

Taking a bath is among the most relaxing experiences. But imagine a scenario when all you want to do is take a nice warm bath after a long day but can’t do that because there’s no hot water. Or you are getting late for your office, yet you have to wait for your water heater to heat up before you could have a quick warm shower. Here’s where the Glen Smart Water Heater comes in as a solution!  

Traditionally, you would have to turn on the water heater manually and wait until the water is heated. But with Glen Smart Water Heater and the Smart App, you can create schedules & adjust the water temperature to your liking.

The Glen Smart Water Heater is an IoT-enabled, high efficiency, smartphone-compatible water heater with cloud-based functionality. This smart water heater can be switched on/off, scheduled and operated from anywhere in the world (where you have an active internet connection or wifi is available), using Glen Smart app.

Highlights of Glen Smart Water Heater:

WI-FI connect: Access the intelligent water heater through the Glen Smart app on your smartphone using Wi-Fi. As soon as the Smart app comes in contact with a Wi-Fi network, it lets you control the appliance remotely.

Digital temp control: Before you get into the bath, know exactly how warm or cold the water is through smart digital LED display where the temperature is displayed. This not only helps in saving energy but also ensures your bathing comfort.

Comes with a remote:  Switch your water heater on/off and set the desired temperature using handy remote control that comes with this smartly-designed appliance.

Rust free durable performance: These days, hard water is a common problem. It easily makes bathroom fixtures/fittings rust. Hence, Glen water heater have a glass-lined tank. These prevent rusting and make the product suitable for hard water. It ensures high durability and comes with seven years’ warranty.

8 bar pressure: Perfect for those who live in apartments, Glen water heaters come with an 8 bar pressure rating that is suitable for high-rise buildings.

CFC free PUF insulation: If you are looking for an energy-efficient water heater, then Glen is your answer. Its water heaters come with PUF insulation that ensures retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in better efficiency and reduced electricity bills.

5-star BEE rating: Glen offers high-quality products, which have been given 5 Star BEE Rating. So, you don’t need to worry about power consumption.

Magnesium anode: Glen water heaters are provided with a heavy-duty magnesium anode rod with a steel core that protects the inner tank from corrosive elements and enhances the life of the product.

About Glen smart app:

An exclusive app loaded with a host of intelligent features that lets you control your Glen smart appliances, in just a few clicks. With the app, you can turn the heater on and off, set schedules, adjust temperature.  

Power On/Off: With just a click, you can power on or turn off the water heater even being away from your house. All you need is an active internet/wifi connection.

Add/Edit Bath time: This is the most useful function for saving your time. You can add or edit your bath time and the water heater will set it. So that you can get the desired temperature of water for your bath.

Multiple access: The app can be downloaded on Android devices and is compatible to be used on different mobiles and with same ID and password. That means all your family members can customize their bath time & temperature by installing the app.

Connect with Alex Voice Assistant: Add the smart water heater as a device to your Alexa assistant and command with voice to control.

How to Operate & Control your Smart Water Heater?

Step 1: Firstly, you will need to download the Download and install the GLEN Smart App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2: After installation, Click on the New User to Sign Up. Then enter your details, enter Verification code and Verify your E-Mail by clicking the link sent on Email. You will be registered.

A complete guide comes along with the product for App usage. For further assistance on using this Smart Water Heater, you may write to us at or call 9717156666 to connect with sales team directly.

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